Montego Bay Community College
Motto :  The End Crowns The Work
Address : Alice Eldemire Drive, St. James, Jamaica
Telephone #:   953-6838, 953-6850, 953-6851, 979-8164, 979-8150
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Montego Bay Community College is the ‘University College of Western Jamaica’ - the oldest and most diverse tertiary institution in western Jamaica, open to everyone.

Course Name Description Duration
Bachelor of Science in Agro-Production & Food Systems
Bachelor of Science in Business Studies
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Bachelor of Science in International Shipping & Logistics
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
Associate Degrees in Agricultural Technology
Associate Degrees in Architectural & Construction Technology
Associate Degrees in Business Studies
Associate Degrees in Clothing & Fashion Design
Associate Degrees in Culinary Arts
Associate Degrees in Engineering Technology
Associate Degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Associate Degrees in Industrial Systems Operation & Maintenance
Associate Degrees in Library Science
Associate Degrees in Management Information Systems
Associate Degrees in Modular Computer Studies
Certificate in ACCA— Certified Accounting Technician
Certificate in Computer Technology
Certificate in Construction Site Supervision
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Certificate in
Certificate in Enrolled Assistant Nursing
Certificate in Food & Beverage Management
Certificate in Health Care Assistant
Certificate in Library Technician
Certificate in Office Management
Certificate in Pre-Engineering
Certificate in Restaurant & Housekeeping Services
Certificate in Restaurant Operations & Services

Examining Body/LevelSubject(s)


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