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Kids of Vision Preparatory School
9a Jerome Avenue, Kingston 19, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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Creating and Developing Positive Minds

Kids of Vision Preparatory School was founded in 2001 by Dr. Davidson Daway and his wife Mrs. Faith Daway. The school was originally established as a homeschool for their then two year old daughter Gabrielle. The vision was to create an environment where she along with a few others could grow and develop to their full potential in a safe, friendly, fun, and stimulating environment which catered to their individual abilities and needs, and which provided them with access to trained professionals and a programme designed to help them become well- rounded, self- confident, responsible, caring and productive individuals. Within a matter of weeks, news of the school’s vision spread and other parents brought their children to be a part of the programme. In 2004 the school relocated to its current location at 9a Jerome Avenue in Hughenden, Kingston 20. The school continues to provide a high quality education to all its students through the provision of: a highly trained staff that is sensitive to their individual developmental needs, low student- teacher ratios, stimulating, fun, and engaging hands- on, age appropriate, activities and materials, as well as opportunities to develop appreciation for others and for their own unique abilities.


  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Civic Studies
  • Science

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